Leonardo is Caffè d’Autore’s management platform that lets you access your coffee machinery online. With its plethora of functions, it allows the owners of the machinery—whether they be restaurants or coffee companies, users, or Caffè d’Autore Technical Service agents—to access certain information online or perform remote operations.

By monitoring the machinery through the Leonardo platform, you can easily manage devices, optimise your investments and operational expenses, and you can also pay close attention to improving product quality and customer service as well as optimising energy efficiency.

Always know the exact, detailed location of each and every one of your machines.
Get a detailed analysis of your machines’ usage and production. Monitor the progress of large machine sets by area, client, or model, and get a detailed, individual analysis of each machine’s use, the amount of coffee produced by time slot, by group, and by amount of water and vapour used for producing coffee and tea.
Remote technical assistance
Configure the products settings and parameters. Track, manage, and quickly solve problems with alerts. Efficiently manage the maintenance program and remotely monitor water filters.
Get a detailed analysis of your workload. Remotely configure the grinders, establishing grinding times for each selection. Manage incidents as well as wear and tear on the blades, which helps you plan for replacing them.
Quality Control
Analyse data considering fine, coarse, and normal grind extractions. Properly monitor the use of preselection keys and continuous flow keys. See if doses, times, and extraction speeds are adjusted to the established standards.
Energy Efficiency
Monitor the coffee machine’s energy consumption, efficiently program start-up and shut-down routines, or activate the ECO function.
All of this allows you to optimise energy consumption and reduce your environmental impact.